France Customer Review:Clean Up The River With Fishing Magnets, In Sens

To clean up the river, out of inquisitiveness and to play sporting activities, youngsters practice magnet angling on the Jean-Moulin quay. Observers praise and also encourage them.

Our consumer from France purchased a few 800 KG Angling Neodymium Magnets, For the past three weeks, a number of young Senois have started a magnet fishing campaign on the Quai Jean-Moulin in Sens. As well as they drew numerous extra pounds of scrap out of the water every day. The proof that to reply to incivilities, the river still is worthy of a great deal of focus.


 Saber, bikes, mobility scooters, telephones ...

A mason aiming to inhabit himself while waiting for an interim mission, David Baillot makes use of a double-sided neodymium magnet with a pulling force of 800 kg. He ties it to a 20-meter long rope, tosses it much right into the middle of the river, then draws, digging up the bottom. When the magnet rose, it often hung pieces of scrap, basically huge.

4 shells, four bikes, a saber, 2 cell phones, a hot plate, as well as numerous items of watercraft and also automobiles, David as well as his friends made fishing as attractive as it was sad. They even identified a scooter that they would also like to get out of the water.

Inspired by videos

"It was by seeing videos of Youtubers attached to the setting that we got this concept. We were seeking to care for it. It is great to tidy up the river. It is a great activity, as a family member, as opposed to staying secured the apartment or condo. It's fun, we wonder to understand what we're going to do. We also recognize that it's rather sporty as an exercise, "describes David Baillot and also his cousin, Jennifer Levasseur. Onlookers going by congratulating as well as urge these young people. All of the steel secured of the water is then eliminated by a scrap dealer, Jennifer's daddy.

The method of magnet fishing is really commonly endured in France because it contributes to the depollution of water points and also rivers. It is likewise typically exercised in wells, with magnet anglers trying to find tools that would have been thrown during the war

Treasure fishing.

Like metal detection on beaches, magnet fishing sometimes allows those who practice it to make ends meet. One is indeed never safe from leaving the bed of a river a few buried treasures. This was already the case in the past at Sens but under different circumstances. The Yonne river had been laid off and, near Clos le Roi, valuable items had been discovered. Many Senois had immediately taken part in extensive research.