How to choose a fishing magnet?

A new classy hobby for several seasons, magnet angling is creating more and more around our rivers ... Indeed, in addition to being an initial and also exciting leisure activity, magnet flights the wave of ecology with its depollution side of rivers and also fish ponds situated near you! Enough to having fun with the household! Beware, however, of the power of certain versions which are not to be put in the hands of a kid without guidance ...

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To fish for steels at the end of rivers as well as bodies of water, he is called for to use an extremely solid magnet lifting at least 50 kg. Beware, there are numerous powers of magnets, it is consented to make use of the right power relying on what you believe you discover. The power of a magnet can increase to 1000 kg (1 bunch), there are pressure 150kg, 250kg or 420 kg. Some magnets will certainly be tough to get. Make use of the larger ones if necessary with high power (ex-spouse: a moped).

The magnets likewise necessarily have a hook or ring where you hang your rope. It is best to make use of a ring. Without a doubt, with a hook, the danger is to lose the rope and also, as a result, the magnet.

Also, use a rope enough time as well as tough adequate to withstand heavy metal targets

200KG Fishing Neodymium Magnets

These are the models suitable for beginners who want to have fun discovering the joys of magnet fishing! In all cases, do not forget to wear protective gloves to avoid injury to the hands. And never let children handle the magnets alone ...

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800KG Fishing Neodymium Magnets

They have the particularity of offering 2 faces which allows to magnetize more things in a single pass. Their strength is powerful, it can go up to 800KG. In this case you will have 2 sides of force 400kg each, enough to raise impressive targets (caddy, bicycle, moped, car part ... etc.).


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360 Fishing Neodymium Magnets

A total magnetic surface, 100% Neodymium! They attract targets at 360 degrees, hence their name! Attention, neodymium is a fragile material, we advise you to take protection, without the latter the risk of breaking your magnet is important! Too bad for a little gem like that!

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Often the magnets are also made of neodymium, which is part of rare earth metals. This particular metal combined with iron and boron makes it possible to manufacture permanent magnets which are the most powerful in the world today.



What do you locate with a magnet?

A magnet does not bring in all metals as you may think. As a matter of fact, they only take "ferromagnetic" targets. These targets are therefore iron, nickel, and cobalt. But beware objects with an alloy having among these "ferromagnetic" targets in pretty good web content will also be attracted to the magnet.

Gold, for instance, is "paramagnetic" as well as will certainly not be brought in to the magnet. Coins will rarely be drawn into a magnet. The most frequently found things are waste as well as basically large steel objects such as a bicycle. The find even if it does not rate of interest the individual of the magnet needs to be recouped as well as thrown in the trash to take part in the depollution of the body of water or well.

One of the most popular research is Militaria prospecting, without a doubt throughout the battle, as an example, the second, the resistance fighters or the allies threw by doing it purposefully or otherwise threw them or deposited them in bodies of water, or wells by instance. You can, therefore, locate guns or metal battle objects.

As well as what concerning the law?

Magnet fishing is not like angling, so no angling permit is required. You are nonetheless intended to conform just like a steel detector with the regulations of private property as well as the protection of Historic Heritage. You can thus refer to our article What does the regulation say about discovery?

So in the general public domain name, you have to request for authorization from the town hall. Even if it is compared to depollution and also therefore well seen by users and also people, it is certainly much better to ask the authorities.

With regard to private estates, that is to say, bodies of water located on personal land, it is best to ask the owner for authorization. You should also leave the location in the state where you found it.

Relating to research study on historical locations, it is banned as in the detection of metals.

If you locate dangerous things, it is best to speak to the qualified authorities straight and also not to touch the item yourself.

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