How to Investigate the Magnetic Content of Food ?

There is a great deal of iron in our food. It's an essential element to our diet plan as well as wellness, and also if we don't get it we endure major wellness results, such as anemia.

Nevertheless, it's still iron, and that indicates it's still magnetic! The majority of foods have such a minimal amount of iron that a magnet won't affect it. However, some foods are 'iron-enriched,' implying they have been augmented for health reasons.

Numerous breakfast cereals have an increased quantity of iron, and that makes them an excellent food for this experiment.

  • 1. First, get a solid, neodymium magnet.
  • 2. Then, take a morning meal cereal that has a big percent of your advised iron intake. Bran Flakes are an excellent choice.
  • 3. Place the cereal in a bowl as well as smash it up till it's a great mixture. (You can add water, like in the video above, or you can simply crush it till it's really fine.).
  • 5. If you do it right, you'll see little black specks of iron appear on the magnet! Amazing, ideal?

If your magnet is strong enough, it may also draw in the grain flakes themselves without smashing them up.

This may look like absolutely nothing greater than a fun little explore strong magnets, yet it's actually a tiny range example of a widely made use of commercial and also clinical procedure. Various products react to magnetism in different means. A solid magnetic pressure is a great way to different numerous metals from each other.