Magnet Manufacturer of the World

The magnet market, Neodymium Magnets Manufacturer is very small at under $50 Billion per year of worldwide sales. The usage, however, is overwhelming. Virtually all moving vehicles, computers

There are only 4 main material families and bonded versions:

  • Ceramics (Fe2O3) consisting of about 4 main sub-grades
  • Neodymium (NdFeB) consisting of about 40 sub-grades
  • Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) consisting of 2 main sub-grades
  • Alnico (AlNiCo) consisting of about 4 main sub-grades

Each type has distinct magnetic, chemical and physical properties. Ceramics hold the major share at about 60% of the total (in value), NdFeB is the fastest growing market and it is estimated that they will hold about 40% by 2020. SmCo and Alnico share about 10% total for both. Bonded magnets are the fastest growing market in the automotive and appliance industry.

During the past10 years, magnet use for applications in automotive and consumer electronics has seen the most dramatic increase in its history. Major magnet manufacturers

  • Magnet Manufacturer China: Ferrites 60%, Neo 70%, SmCo 70%, Alnico 50%, Bonded magnets 25%
  • Magnet Manufacturer Japan: Ferrites 20%, Neo 20%, Bonded magnets 20%
  • Magnet Manufacturer India: Ferrites 5% ,Thailand: Bonded magnets 20%
  • Magnet Manufacturer USA: Ferrites 10%, SmCo 10%, Alnico 20%, Bonded magnets 10%,
  • Magnet Manufacturer Europe: Neo 10%, SmCo 10%, Alnico 20%, Bonded magnets 15%,

China: Almost all bonded magnets are compression molded NdFeB and flexible ferrite magnet manufacturers in china. Some injection molded ferrites are being produced in non complex forms. Bonded SmCo has been attempted, but with no success. China is by far the leader in sintered magnets and is also the largest NdFeB magnet manufacturers.

Japan: Most of the bonded magnet production is being moved to China. Japan is still the leader in innovation for magnets and holds most of the patents for new high energy materials.

USA: Almost all ferrite production is for automotive use. Magnet manufacturing for all types of magnets is rapidly declining and moving to China. Still strong in flexible magnets for advertising. 

Europe: Still very strong in injection molded magnets for automotive use, however, sintered magnet production is disappearing. Main producers are in Germany, Great Britain, France.

China is by far the leader for all magnet materials. This happened only during the last 20 years.China mines over 55% of the world’s rare earth ores needed for most magnets. This, coupled with low labor and few health and environment policies, has enabled them to grow their magnet industry at 70-130% per year. 

  • Chinese manufacturers have been pricing magnets, especially neodymium magnet manufacturers in china, well below operational margins government subsidized in one way or another. Competition for export business created an unsustainable production policy regarding income. Magnets were priced, in most cases, with no margin and a total dependence on government subsidies. Now that China gained the world's
  • Most raw materials, especially steel and Cobalt, have been rapidly increasing in price over the past 2 years (over 100% increase in the last year for steel, Al, Cu, Co) and now they are at an all time high. This is due to the high demand created in China because of their rapid infrastructure development. All of the world's main car companies started factories in China This has created a domino effect for the rest of the world. Magnet prices are about 80% related to cost of raw material, so the impact has been great. SmCo and Alnico magnets have almost doubled in price.
  • The US and EU are no longer as attractive for exports. China is having phenomenal growth and prosperity within. Products that use magnets are gaining very dramatically in China and the price pressure is not as great as in the US.

Magnetshub manufacturers have seen good reason to redirect their supply chain to include OEM distributors that are local to them. This has enabled them to buy low priced products while taking advantage of local and immediate customer support. The way Alliance helps customers with this is to:

  • Provide a local sales and technical support person that can visit on a moments notice
  • Provide local warehousing. Alliance owns or leases 6 warehouses across North America
  •  Provide a central staff to make timely deliveries, track shipments and address concerns
  • Provide all the necessary testing, design and magnetizing services
  • Provide ALL types of magnets to our customers only from qualified producers that have a good

Please review our catalog or web site for more information. Our website lists detailed properties for our magnets and provides useful tools needed for your business.