New Guidance: Can I post neodymium magnets?

Yes, in case you them properly. To do this, you could select between the subsequent 3 possibilities:

Arrange the magnets anti-parallel
Increase the gap between the magnets and the packaging.
Shield the magnets with sheet iron

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If the package is sent by means of air, strict policies must be observed. See shipment through air transport
If the parcel is sent via normal mail, the commands of the post are to be applied. These fluctuate from united states of america to U. S . A .; a few international locations do no longer have guidelines for sending magnets by publish.
However, we recommend that you follow a few guidelines whilst sending because the magnets could motive issues if the packaging isn't always adequate. They may damage merchandise (credit cards, difficult drives, screens, etc.) in other applications or purpose disruption to the mail sorting system. The package could also hold on a metal component and subsequently, its contents could be torn off.
In order to keep away from this damage, the packaging of the magnets must be appropriate for dispatch by post. There are three options for doing this, which you can observe alone or in combination:

1.Magnet layout

If you are shipping more than one magnets at the identical time, you could significantly reduce the magnetic discipline via placing the magnets efficiently within the package. Two or greater magnets need to be arranged so that half of of the magnets lie parallel to the other 1/2, the poles in reverse.

If you send as an instance 50 magnetic discs of 10 mm in diameter and three mm in height, the magnets are almost completely organized within the form of a "bar" of fifty x 3 = a hundred and fifty mm in length. But you ought to no longer ship this bar as is, but fold it inside the center in order that the north pole of 25 magnets is oriented in a single direction, and that the north pole of the other half of, lying subsequent to it in parallel, is oriented the opposite way. The magnets will accordingly be "short-circuited" and the magnetic area of the package may be reduced, without exceptional resources, to nearly zero. One can of course additionally have four, six or more "bars" in parallel.

If you only have two magnets to ship, this arrangement might not be stable, i.E. The magnets will no longer want to stay in this anti-parallel position. By placing the magnets on a bit of sheet metal - one can be directed with its north pole towards the sheet, the opposite with its south pole in the direction of the sheet - the magnets can be stabilized and the magnetic "short-circuit" will be even better, that is, the magnetic field will decrease significantly.

To neutralize the magnetic area of several magnetic balls, we are able to arrange them in a circle.
The objective of this provision is that as many North Poles and South Poles are oriented inside the identical direction.

2.Create a distance

The magnetic area decreases rapidly as the space increases. It is consequently really helpful to make the package deal as huge as possible and to put the magnets within the center. It does no longer matter if you fill the intermediate area with paper, polystyrene, air cushions, cardboard or wood. Apart from the iron sheet, all of the other substances do not at all represent a barrier to the magnetic area; most effective the accelerated distance is responsible for the reduction of the magnetic discipline.

It is consequently important to repair the magnets inside the middle of the bundle so that they can not move at some point of transport. In principle, it is not endorsed to send massive magnets in an envelope, as the distance to the outer floor is too small.

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3.Shielding with iron sheet

If the "cheaper" methods - neutralizing arrangement or outsized package - aren't sufficient, iron sheets may be used as defensive. An iron sheet may be folded around a large magnet. It is now not vital that the sheet and the magnet touch directly, but it is crucial that the sheet produces a magnetic "short-circuit", that is to say that it leads from the north pole to the south pole .

If you placed a sheet at the north pole and a second, unbound, at the south pole, there will be really no protective. The best protective could be a sheet metallic box, which encloses the magnet completely. The more effective the magnet, the more powerful the shielding, the thicker the iron sheet must be so as not to attain magnetic saturation and be able to produce the magnetic "short-circuit".

Paperclip test

To test if a package isn't excessively magnetic, it'd be important to measure the floor on each aspect the use of a teslameter and determine an acceptable limit price that's often no longer feasible in regular life. The paperclip take a look at is easily carried out:
We vicinity a paper clip on the facet of the package deal. It should not dangle on the package but fall. To be greater severe, instead of maintaining the surface of the package to be tested vertically, it is held for example at forty five degrees in order to test if the paper clip can slide over the entire outer floor. After passing this check, you may ensure that there might be no trouble throughout delivery and that the package will arrive at its destination with out negative other goods.

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