What magnet is needed in the construction industry ?

construction industry

Precast concrete requires a magnetic formwork system to complete different forms. Formwork magnets are most commonly utilized when altering numerous architectural concrete elements to match customers' style.

Formwork magnets, or irreversible retention magnets, appropriate when you intend to quickly hold points in a certain placement. As an example, when it is essential to temporarily place metal profiles to utilize them as a form while pouring concrete flooring. 

When we state long-term, nonetheless, we are referring to its retention ability. Actually, they are very adaptable in activity via their setups that enable you to launch the magnet once the item you are working with is completed.

The building industry needs magnets for formwork

These formwork magnets are created to accomplish the greatest feasible holding power. To attain this, great contact with the surface area is required, as even a little air space will certainly lower the holding force.

Formwork magnets, or repairing magnets, can be utilized to hold steel panels, light beams, fencings, and layouts in place. Setup on the irreversible magnet enables the individual to launch the workpiece again. This versatile system saves time, cash as well as labor.

The products of the magnetic formwork system generally include:

  • A box of formwork magnets.
  • A U60 formwork magnet.
  • A magnet formwork adapter.
  • A steel chamfer.
  • A magnet chamfer.

When can formwork magnets be made use of?

As stated above, if you require to pour concrete or hold articles in position, simply make use of formwork magnets with a design that permits you to conveniently eliminate them as soon as done.

These holding magnets provide so much holding power, you can be sure that everything will stay in location during building. Additionally, no electrical power or air is required, making it an exceptional alternative to other expensive methods utilized in the sector.

Not just does using formwork magnets in your building and construction projects offer exceptional support and adaptability, however recycling the magnets can save money and time.

What formwork magnet services are readily available?

There is presently a series of a magnetic support group for the manufacturing of precast concrete aspects. The magnets are offered with formwork account as well as integrated magnets or as different devices, i.e. as magnetic assistances, which can be linked to a different wood or steel formwork on the casting table.

Magnetic assistance is also made to hold the training as well as fixing supports, in addition to different electric boxes for steel formwork and also for the formation of chamfers as well as grooves for concrete aspects. The formwork systems are supplied to run manually or with robot formwork.

The magnetic formwork system with steel account as well as incorporated securing system is offered for numerous different solutions, such as filigree, sandwich, exterior, columns as well as slab concrete aspects.

The formwork can be constructed for continual manufacturing or for situations requiring adaptability with often altering aspect dimensions. The formwork system contains a steel profile and also an integrated magnetic securing device that is suitable for the add-on to a lot of bases.

Magnetic brackets are utilized to connect the supports to the formwork for threaded socket supports, spherical supports, expansion anchors, and also various other anchoring systems.

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