Custom Magnets

Individual consulting :

Magnetshub specializes in custom magnet production with quick and accurate turnaround.

Manufacturing capacity: Magnetshub can produce custom magnets in large volumes and retain inventory for just in time delivery, as well as small one-off projects.

Lead time: Normal lead time for custom magnets is 4-5 Weeks. Normal lead time for custom plastic or metal assemblies is 5-6 Weeks.

We do more than just magnets: Magnetshub can also produce plastic or metal parts with embedded magnets. Save time, money, and frustration by producing the entire product with one supplier. Magnetics can also offer retail packaging.


Value-Add Services
• Expert design consultation. Magnetshub has over 13 years of experience providing magnetic solutions.
• Lock in pricing with blanket orders. Magnetshub can stock large amounts of inventory for just in time delivery.
• Injection molded plastic parts, with over-molded or embedded magnets. Including assemblies and retail packaging.
• Professional 3D Modeling and drafting by a Certified SolidWorks Professional.
• 3D printing (FDM) prototypes, made from ABS plastic.
• Magnet simulation software (EMS) used to compare magnet designs, configurations, and visualize magnetic fields.

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