Our Guarantee

With industry leading consultative customer service, a team of graphic designers at your fingertips, and quick turnaround, the best prices are icing on the cake. Of course, should you find a better price, provided the magnets are of a similar quality, we'll do our best to meet or beat it!

We Can Offer Such a Guarantee Because:

1. You're Buying Direct From the Manufacturer: We manufacture all of our magnets in-house. Since you're buying directly from the manufacturer you avoid the costly markup (and headaches...) from resellers or third parties.

2. You Benefit From our Buying Power: As a leading manufacturer with 50,000+ worldwide customers, we purchase all of our supplies in bulk at greatly reduced prices. Of course, the savings get passed to each and everyone of our customers.

3. All we do is Magnets!: Specializing in magnets (and ONLY magnets), 100% of our resources are put into sourcing, development, and production. Again, all realized savings get passed to our customers.

If You Find A Cheaper Price on Magnets...

Of course, we're confident that this won't happen. However, if you do find a lower price:

1. Carefully compare the two prices. Our guarantee only applies to competitor's magnets of the same size (within 5mm on each side), ordered at same quantity (in multiples of 1,000, in quantities up to 10,000, etc.), of the same quality (magnet strength, number of printed colors), and including the same services (i.e., typesetting, delivery, tax, etc).

2. Get it in writing. Whether their price is advertised on a Web site or a quote on the competitor's letterhead, simply forward it to us within 3 months of your Magnetshub.com order.

3. If we confirm that the price is indeed genuine we will either beat their advertised price by $1 or if you have already paid for your order we will mail you a refund check for the difference between their price and ours, plus $1. Finally: if their advertised price matches all of the conditions above, and we simply cannot beat it, you'll get all of your magnetshub.com magnets absolutely FREE.